Have noticed that alot of you as wikia contributors, users & admins out of all of these titles wikia contributors,

I have notced that maybe some of you have said some inapropraite saying as of lately and i gotta say i hate that & STOP we as users nor admins nor staff nor even contributors should even say "such things" Why because it should've even been said so!

Admin's: I'd like you to be more active then usually why i've been working like "hello off" "deleting inapropraite sayings" of these wikia contributors it'll be nice for you to block/ban them due to that!

Also i've requested an "adoption" for this wiki-wikia as a user due to no activity to become a admin if any of you love to become one "!sign up!" & also stay active edit lots so staff can eligable you as one alright!

Also be sure to check out "Pokemon Answers wikia" On my "Requestable Blog" on what you as admins/users nor via Titled" can and or Can't do on a wikia i'll add this blog next week for you all as a user on here Til then i'll be watching!!! Also do not say a thing inapropraite other wise you'll get what i am saying GOT IT!!

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