To all the user's here! Hi I am Trainer Micah one of the user's here who has been editing on here recently & i've been woundering & would like to as a user to get some idea's & opinion's from all of you a user's & admin's so you know about me.. 

Here is my question becouse i am noticing there are two diiferent wikis or wikia's here & well i am thinking about a "merge" it's where two community wikia's or wikis as a user whois admin somewhere else come togather as a user to form one whole community:

So you know there is a Pokemon Vortex Wikia - which i've noticed  

& There is Also a Pokemon Vortex Wiki - Which i too have noticed

As a user i think these "two wikia's or wikis community's might be possible" for a ideal "merge" to have only one "Pokemon Vortex Wikia" as a user who has experiences what are your idea's & opinion's on:

The Merge if you can let me know in comments... That would be Great..

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